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Data Science as-a-Service

We help companies improving their competitive edge by leveraging on data and analytics to identify patterns and predict behavior

No software to buy: we use our data toolbox to provide results in the form of interactive dashboards, customized reports, optimized data, training

Data Advisory Services

We deep-dive into your data, we extract patterns and create models to give you the best data-driven view of your domain.

Many companies are accumulating data and asking themselves how to get value out of it.

They want to know more on how to get valuable insights from their data, they want to know what they need to do to benefit from it, how much is going to cost,  how long is going to take and what the reasonable returns may be.

Our services include:

  • Data Strategy Workshops
  • Implementation Roadmap Development
  • Use-Case Identification,  Design and Implementation support

For companies in a more advanced stage, we provide data services beyond the traditional statistical approach, to…

  • Determine patterns
  • Create predictions
  • Improve efficiency- Reducing costs
  • Increase the reach for products/solutions
  • Improve quality

Social Media Mining

We analyze both the Social Networks and the related semantic value, with a time-based, conversational perspective.

We provide “actionable” output, to let client leverage on the social media information for its business goals.

Our solutions are in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Marketing, analyzing people feedback on a new product or identifying influencers
  • Indirect Product Testing, deducting products issues from people feedback
  • Politics, to adapt political messages based on people feelings on given subjects
  • Finance, to shape portfolios based on selected people opinions
  • Government– Citizens relationships, to better address issues analyzing opinions on given subjects
  • Reputation Management, monitoring in time people opinions on a target company
  • Security, monitoring in time degrees of occurrence of selected words and related influencers

We use our own platform to get fast and effective results to our clients.

Based on open source tools such as Python and Apache software, our platform can be easily customized.

Interim Data Scientists

You have your data/text needs but no data scientist to help you. Your board may be still in the not-so-sure stage.

Our interim solutions range from

  • being your temporary data scientist while you perform your search
  • organizing seminars on data/text/social science
  • helping you in the search process refining your requirements and assisting you in the hiring process