Natural Language Processing

The Value of your Texts

Real world approach

Text is for humans and humans develop their knowledge in peculiar ways.

We are all different, each domain has a different take for what they read.

We developed methodologies, algorithms and a tool box to extract actionable elements from text.

From reading streams of news over the years and determining what they may need “for you” to forecasting trends to determining risk factors from text and map them in a competitive scenario.

We also analyze Social Media using our own algorithms to extract key metrics, with a time-based, conversational perspective.

Text Processing

Social Media Analysis

Text Processing

Text is everywhere within every company and outside, in its relationships with clients, providers, shareholders, authorities.

When text is in very large quantities, a human approach is not a viable option.

We use both our own tools and external solutions to extract the proper sense out of the textual data.

Our solutions are applied to:

– Marketing, analyzing people feedback on a new product or identifying influencers
– Indirect Product Testing, deducting products issues from people feedback
– Politics, to adapt political messages based on people feelings on given subjects
– Finance, to detect companies looking for specific funds
– Government – Citizens relationships, to better address issues analyzing opinions on given subjects
– Defense, to analyze the impact of evolving technologies in competitive environments
– Reputation Management, monitoring in time people opinions on a target company.

Social Media Analysis

Extracting value from Social Media is a sinergetic combination of Network and Text analyses.

Using our own algorithms, metrics and methodolies, we provide “actionable” output, to let client leverage on the social media information for its business goals.