Academic roots

The past 3.5 years, I taught 470+ students, primarily graduates. My classes – on Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, Python/Data Exploration – have so far the largest number of students, with one of the top 3 evaluation ratings in the School. My paybacks that sound like “I got this job because of what you taught me”.

I managed projects as Principal Investigator on AI/ML/NLP for a total of $5M and was appointed director for the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises. I published an average of 5 papers/year.

Machine Learning, NLP are complex areas in a continuous evolution state and either you can afford large investments to have your own center of excellence- just like Google, Facebook, Apple – or you may want to develop your ideas and applications with people, companies, entities deeply rooted in Academy, to be sure you can get achievable state of the art solutions.