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Jumpstarting your Machine Learning

Machine Learning has potential big impact on business, but it is a significant investment in people, processes and infrastructures
Let’s us do the first steps for you: training your workforce, develop AI/Machine Learning prototypes, help you setting up a team, jumpstart your developments

Machine Learning-Data Science Training and Advisory
  • Developing workshops or formal ML/NLP training. We teach Data Science, Machine Learning, Python coding in Engineering Colleges to over 150 students per year. We organize and deploy workshops for Corporate clients and for global events
  • Planning with you feasible applications of NLP and Machine Learning
  • Assisting you in the selection of talents, to create a winning AI/ML team
Developing AI/ML/NLP solutions
  • Developing working prototypes, proof of concepts, minimum viable products. The last 3 years we developed them for a total of about $5M, all based on NLP and Machine Learning
  • Planning with you feasible applications of NLP and Machine Learning
  • Supporting and/or leading your development team on a project basis
Our commitment to Natural Language Processing
NLP is the core of our competencies. Getting insights from text is one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of Machine Learning
There is no off the shelf solution that can provide a generalized solution to extract “meaning” text
We developed a set of tools to address most of the issues in NLP and we apply and customize them to provide the specific solution for the specific need
Our NLP solutions are custom tailored and can go from task-specific to help client develop their own NLP capabilities