NLP for Sustainability at Siemens

Last November, I – Carlo Lipizzi – participated to the Siemens “Tech for Sustainability Hackathon” with George Korfiatis, Mohammad IlbeigiAzita MortezaHojat Behrooz creating the “Green Connect” team.

The “Hackathon” was a total of 7 challenges, 200 ideas from 1400 participants in 20 different countries.

We developed a prototype of systems to match sustainability projects and co-funding opportunities with Siemens elements of interest. We won the challenge “Financing a Sustainable Future”!

The system would provide Siemens with funding and delivery opportunities in the sustainability area.

Our solution is rooted on the work I developed – with George – for the Government the last few years. The solution is based on Natural Language Processing, leveraging on our theory of knowledge representation (the “Room Theory“).