January 2022

Horizon Scanning

Future cannot be predicted, but it can be estimated. Some areas are more predictable than others. Technology is one of them. Most of the technologies we use today are evolutions, combinations, repurposing of previous technologies. Analyzing in time news, patents...
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Technology Monitoring

We developed a Technology Monitoring System for the DoD as a radar screen for the technologies emerging in time. The system is unique, being able to determine upcoming relevant technolgies from news, papers and patents, evaluating their relevance based on...
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Risk analysis from streams of text

We developed a Risk Decision Support System for the DoD to analyze competitive scenarios based on the use of key and emerging technologies over time. The system is unique, being able to extract risk factors from streams of text, meauring...
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Academic roots

The past 3.5 years, I taught 470+ students, primarily graduates. My classes – on Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, Python/Data Exploration – have so far the largest number of students, with one of the top 3 evaluation ratings in the...
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